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Please review the video and answer each question in the paragraph below



In your discussion board post, I need you to answer the questions that I have listed for you: Identify 3 points Rebecca mentioned in this video that most impacted you the most. Can the primary issues noted in the talk be resolved, yes or no?  Do you agree with her thinking of the issues plaguing our healthcare system? If so, defend your opinion with credible reserach. If not, defend your opinion with credible research. Do you agree with the idea that Americans agree on what they need to live good lives? Are the issues she notes in her talk considered as public health concerns?  If so (or not), explain. Make sure to answer the assigned questions in a well thought out manner.  Your post should be about 500 words, and make sure to reference the sources you use to support the ideas you present in your post at the end of your assignment post.

Remember, you are required to respond to 2 of your fellow classmates. The responses I am looking for are meaningful and add to the discussion at hand. Brief responses, such as "I agree!" will not be accepted.

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