Discussion 4 Public Speaking


  Three Speech Introductions 

As we move closer and closer towards the major speech assignments in this course, it is time to start thinking about how you can learn from all that you have read, observed, and learned this semester. In this week’s discussion board you will start thinking about the start of your speeches. Your task this week is to film yourself giving THREE separate introductions for your upcoming speech. By now, you should have begun planning your speech. Remember that it is those first words out of your mouth that really get your audience engaged. 

In your initial post, Film yourself in three separate clips (not one giant clip) giving a potential intro for that speech. Note that all intros will be on the same topic and for the same speech. Each intro should be decidedly different from the others; use different tactics in each. After getting our attention, please be sure to clearly state your thesis and give a preview of the points you will share in your speech at the end of each clip.

Additionally, make sure to write a short statement in your post explaining which of your three introductions you think is the best and why?

In your follow up posts, you will view all three videos of at least two other classmates (viewing a minimum of 6 videos total). You will then comment on the benefits and drawbacks of each, ultimately telling them which is your favorite and why, along with any further tips for enhancements.

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