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Chapter 5:

Trafficking women and children across the U.S. border from Mexico has been a lucrative business. These women and children are at the mercy of the traffickers. Many are raped and some are murdered during the transit. If their families are known to have money, the women and children may be held for ransom. The coyotes who transport these victims across the border know that it is unlikely that the crimes would be reported because the victims know they are guilty of a crime as well as of crossing the border illegally. People pay a lot of money to be helped across the border by these criminals. Why would these victims get into this situation to begin with, let alone pay for it? What could be done to thwart the efforts of the coyotes?

Chapter 6 :

Other than officers being in the right place at the right time, most crimes that come to the attention of local law enforcement come from citizens who witness a crime or something suspicious and call the police. Often neighbors see suspicious activity in the neighborhood and want to notify police, but are afraid of retaliation. How can police agencies encourage citizens to report suspicious activity such as drug sales, and assure the citizen remains anonymous?

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