Classroom management is a vital aspect of intentional teaching.  For this week’s discussion board, please address BOTH parts A and B.

(A) This unit provides many strategies for managing misbehavior in the classroom.  Please choose one (1) strategy for behavior management that you feel would be most useful to implement in your classroom.  Describe how you would implement this strategy.

(B) Differentiation of instruction for exceptional learners is also discussed.  Exceptional is a term that can be applied to both students with learning disabilities and students who are considered to be gifted.  After reviewing the material:

  • Describe how you would take Public Law 94-142 and IDEA into account in your own classroom.  Based on what you have learned this week, what are the most important considerations that would need to be made for your students with special needs and considerations.  Please use real-life examples to support your discussion.
  • Discuss one (1) way that you would differentiate instruction to meet the needs of gifted students in your classroom. 

Be sure to include properly cited scholarly sources.

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