Describe your company’s target market in detail and explain how you plan to market your company’s product or service to the defined target market. Remember, you must be able to prove that your target market exists and that there are enough potential customers to support the volume of sales needed by your company to make a profit. Be clear and specific because this content may be used in your business plan.

Business Plan is 

MBA 597 Discussion Question Guidelines 

1.  Contain between 350 – 500 words.

2.  Double spaced and in APA Formatting.

3.  Written in essay format.

4.  Contain indented paragraphs.

5.  Include at least one in-line citation.

6.  Contain two sources in a Reference section following the post.

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  • Part 3

    Continue researching and crafting your business plan. You will submit the following section in this module:

    • Execution
    • Strategy and implementation, strategy pyramids, value propositions, …