The Threaded Discussions are designed to allow you to expand upon the material presented in the textbook and give each student the opportunity to interact with other students through comments to responses posted. There will be a question(s) posed each week. You should submit your first post by Wednesday of this week. Login later in the week and review the entries of other students. Afterwards, respond to the remarks that peak your interest (at least 2).

For this week, you must first answer 1 of the 2 questions, and then comment on 2 of your classmates' posts for full credit for discussion requirements. You can respond to posts for one or both of the questions. Be sure to review the Discussion Grading announcement for more detail. 

Your score on this assignment will be based on the following:

  • The substance of your response, which displays your knowledge and understanding of the material 
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Whether you provide citation to a source(s) which solidifies your point of view.
  • The length (word count) of your posts. 
  • This week you have two questions to choose from! Pick the one you prefer!


1. An issue commonly dealt with in the construction industry is that of practical impossibility or commercial senselessness. Do you agree with the idea of allowing a contractor relief from the obligation of performance once such performance would become impractical due to the extreme expense the contractor would incur based on expenses not originally contemplated at the time of the contract?  Or, do you feel that there should be every effort made to contemplate such expenses prior to and taken into account in executing the contract? What impact would bonds have on this type of situation?

2. Do you think liquidated damages provisions are fair? Should every type of excusable delay be included in a construction contract? Why or why not?

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