Please analyze the provided pcap using wireshark. Perform a packet analysis identifying the actions that the Source Machine and Destination Machine are doing. Please identify and explain these actions, using language that you would use when talking to a non-IT individual such as a CEO or Business Manager. In identifying the actions please indicate which of the frames that helped you identify the action (you don't need to list them all, just which frame number helped you specifically). Top scores will be granted to those who are able to identify the very specific goal of this connection. You may need to google some of the protocols, but most actions can be identified in Wireshark from the info column, with only a few things requiring deeper packet inspection.

The pcap, named Week2.pcap can be found under Course Content > Week 2 > Learning Materials.


  • The reason for asking you to identify and relay information using human understandable and in some cases non-technical terms is due to the climate of business. When presenting reports to managers and other non-IT individuals, it is often our job to compress highly technical information into readily understandable terms.

to use the file attached you have to download 

Wireshark or other preferred packet capture, safe download at:



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