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      PSC101 Discussions

      Discussion 1:

      As part of participation in class activities, you are required to post your thought on one each for chapter. Additionally, you must post at least two response (one for each …

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      PSC101 Short Essay

      Short Essay

      This is a three to six pages long paper excluding the cover page and references/bibliography. The rubric for this paper entails: Topic; Introduction; Discussion; Conclusion. …


      Describe how public opinion is measured. What is sampling and what is it meant to accomplish?

      Describe some of the problems and biases of polling, such as push polling and …

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    • Reaction Paper II (PART II): Ginsberg et.al., chapters 4, 5, 6,7 & Bowers chapters 3, 4.

      1. Ginsberg, Lowi, and Weir, We the People (full 12thEdition Essential)

      This text …

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