Social Realism
Part I: Describe the qualities of life/mankind in the turn of the century that TWO of our authors this week were criticizing. Do these criticisms seem valid to make of today's America?

Part II:  Try a gendered/ feminist reading of 2 readings not mentioned in your Part 1 response. Describe what the writers seem to be saying about masculinity and/or femininity. Are these stereotypes/expectations still present in contemporary life?      

Instructions: Your initial discussion should be at least 200 words. It must include MLA citations – both in-text and an end citation.

Reading Source: Social Realism


Mark Twain, "War Prayer"
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "The Yellow Wallpaper"
Robert Frost: "Mending Wall"
Edwin Arlington Robinson, "Richard Cory"
Edwin Arlington Robinson, "Miniver Cheevy"

Varshika Srivastava "Modernist Exponents in Robert Frost's Poetry: A Critical Analysis"

Danny Heitman "Verse and Adverse"

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