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1. Google at least 3 parenting "experts" to become familiar with their parenting philosophies. Briefly describe each. Select the one that you feel would be most helpful to you as a parent today, and explain why you chose that one over the others. Some to consider may include: Dr. Phil, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. James Dobson, Amy McCready, Super Nanny Jo Frost, Tracy Hogg, and America's Super Nanny Deborah Tillman. You are not limited to these, but do not include persons whose philosophies are unpublished. 

#1 Angie polo post:

Dr. Penelope Leach – her style is very kid-centric. Making the child happy will ultimately make the parents happier. She is also very involved in groups that advocate non-physical punishment but is known for not believing in rules. Dr. Leach has been criticized for her thoughts on the child’s early years in life believing that all mothers should stay home with their child and that children cannot thrive in group care based centers. One quote that I found particularly relevant in today’s parenting issues was  from Dr Leach “I bitterly resent that if I gave birth in New York I could have six weeks of disability leave. A baby is not a disability. A baby is a contribution to society.”

Jennifer Senior – author of All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood. Senior’s parenting advice comes from highlighting the struggles modern parents face trying to essentially compete with other parents. Her approach to parenting is to take out the stress of trying to push your child into everything so that they have every opportunity. Eliminating expectations, creating a happier parent, which will result in a more satisfying experience for both parents and children.

Dr. Nancy Buck – founder of Peaceful Parenting, Dr. Buck focuses on internal motivation vs. external. Rather than insisting children be controlled by their parents, she offers the insight on how to influence their behaviors through more peaceful practices such as love, safety, power, fun and freedom.

I really did like the advice and philosophies that all three of the women above share. Dr. Leach has points that I agree with strongly and Jennifer Senior’s advice is invaluable in my opinion. However, I feel like Dr. Buck’s approach is one that would be the most helpful to me. I feel like parenting has always been an authoritative, parent vs children battle. Her approach really does seem to have the ability to bring peace to parenting so each presenting situation is not battle. I would like to continue to read through her work and hopefully find a way to implement aspects of her approach. I feel that our current style has  been effective thus far but as our children grow, they will naturally begin to challenge rules or requests. It also still leaves children in control of their decisions which will ultimately help them in the future.


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#2 Kimberly  post:

The parenting experts I chose relates to me due to each of them having a theory of how human development shapes the way I can relate to parenting.  All are considered controversial in their philosophies.  Each of their theories give me an understanding how human development is shaped from psycho-analysis to the actual child-rearing stages.

Dr. Benjamin Spock

Benjamin Spock is know for giving parents a sigh of relief with intuitive parenting.  His philosophies includes affection of children, use of common sense and gut instincts when parenting, and parents being the expert of their own children.  He emphasized that parenting should be considered a fun time in their life without disregarding discipline.  In other words, he believed that parents shouldn't be strictly authoritative, they should only be parents who builds their child's self-value and self-worth while meeting the needs of the child


Penelope Leach

Penelope Leach is a British author who's best seller book "Your Baby And Child" emphasized on child-centered parenting.  Its also draw on the development of children from birth to age 5.  As with child-centered parenting, Leach believed in listening to the child as well as one's own self in the different developmental stages of early childhood.  She also emphasized the notion of parents making the best of situations whether they were good or bad.  Also, if situations were at a bad point, parents should try to make it right by doing what's best for the child and one's own self in the process


Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud philosophy on how humans develop personality is through three different elements; Id, Ego, and Super Ego.  Although controversial, Freud believed that each element  has its place in how one's personality is shaped through needs, wants, and satisfying those needs and wants from birth to adulthood.  All three elements shapes the personality by working together to create complex human behaviors.


Dr. Benjamin Spock would be most helpful to me today as far as how to go about parenting.  I agree with how parents should approach child-rearing by trusting their instincts and knowing your child.  I agree with Penelope Leach as far as listening to your child in the different developmental stages that children go through.  How else would a parent know when to change a diaper or feed the baby?  As with Sigmund Freud, I agree that one's personality goes through stages to become more complex as a child grows older which in turn, shapes the way how parents can respond to their children the best way possible.

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