Discussion 1: Energy



For this discussion, find a Nutrition Facts label for one your favorite foods. Post a picture of it if you can. List the total Calories per serving and number of grams of fat, protein, and carboyhdrates. Calculate the number of Calories that are present for each category of molecules.

Also, look up the amount of Calories consumed performing a specific excercise that you enjoy (i.e., running, swimming, biking, etc.), and calculate the number of minutes you would need to perform that activity to use the same amount of energy per serving of the food item you discussed.

Your initial post must meet a minimum writing requirement (1 paragraph with at least 5 sentences). Respond to at least two posts  (1 paragraph with at least 3 sentences each). Your responses must contribute meaningfully to the discussion. Posts consisting of "Thank you", "You're welcome", "I agree", or "Me too" do not contribute meaningfully to the discussion. Critique other students' postings in a positive manner. Make sure your post is NOT a copy of someone else’s post. Always remember Netiquette.

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