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College Student Cheating

The McAdams textbook discusses the problem of college student cheating.  Using the course material posted on Canvas and the information in the text as well as your own knowledge and critical thinking skills, list each stakeholder and clearly and completely (in detail) explain the effect college student cheating has on each.  

Clearly explain your answers and rationale in detail.  (A one or two sentence answer  for each stakeholder will NOT do!) See the guidance posted on Canvas and the syllabus.  There is no need to respond (do not respond/reply) to others' posts as your answer should allow others to see who you feel is affected and how you feel they are affected. ( I will deduct for deviations from directions/instructions and guidance--read the guidance.)  

Good communication is vital.  Organization, clarity, grammar, etc. is important.  Review and edit your writing before you post it. 

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