Discuss Meeting Our Energy Needs with Renewable Sources



We learned a lot about the different types of energy sources and the sustainability challenges involved.

Based on your understanding of these issues, explain which renewable energy source you think has the greatest potential to solve our energy needs. Be sure to consider the source’s advantages and disadvantages compared to fossil fuels in terms of environmental pollution, geographic availability, variability & intermittency, efficiency, cost, and use by the residential, industrial, commercial, transportation, and electric power sectors. Support your choice with details from our textbook and reliable external sources.

Additionally, review the current U.S. energy data. How heavily does the United States and your home State currently rely on this energy source? What is it primarily used for (i.e., for which sector is it mostly used)? What about your electricity usage, which you have explored in the Week 4 – Eco Moment (Monthly Electricity Usage and Cost)?

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