This discussion has been moved from Module E to Module D as part of an effort to smooth out some of the tasks (previously there were two Module E discussions).  But, the video referenced is still better included in Module E, so it remains there.  I will ask you to visit the Home Page for Module E and to watch the exploratory research video (Video E.01) for this question.

The research depicted in the video was obviously conducted to demonstrate the intercept interview methodology as a means for gathering initial brand image information.  So, they only showed a few questions about a handful of well-known brands.  But, the exploration could have been extended further.

  • What other questions could he have asked to gather additional information about the brand images?
  • What information would each question provide?
  • Why is that information valuable?  How does it help you (the client) understand the consumer's image of the brand?

You may have also noticed that while the brands were national brands (Amstel Light, Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Corona, Miller Lite), there were some differences.  Four of the brands are "light" beers; two are full-body beers.  One brand, Amstel Light, is nationally known, but is probably more popular in New York than in Texas.  So, I wonder if there are other brands that might be considered equivalent in one way or another.

  • Are there any other "light" beers that you might include in this?  What are their brand images?
  • Are there any "Texas" beers that you might include if you did this in Arlington?  What are their brand images?

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