Digital Poster about issue of cultural/intercultural nature



Digital Poster Instructions

The digital poster will replace the tri-fold presentation on issues that was planned to be presented to the campus community in the atrium of FH. You can still do a power point presentation (but save it as PDF, unless you add voice to it) or you may choose any other format that Microsoft word provides (e.g. brochure, flyer). 

The principle is the same as before, you pick an issue of cultural/intercultural nature (e.g. certain celebration that a certain group does; origins of certain holidays; development projects in underdeveloped countries; desalination plants in KSA; humanitarian crises in Darfur; the Rio carnival…etc) and you do a digital poster about it to educate those who would read it about since in this case you cannot present. If you decided to add recorded voice to your digital poster you may but you do not have to do so. The information should be enough but not overwhelming and your poster should include your references/sources.

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