Difficult Decisions Case Study


While teachers are always expected to be professional and uphold professional standards of practice, they also have to make decisions that sometimes do not have a clear response. In these situations, teachers must turn to the ethical standards and relevant laws and policies to guide their decisions. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to practice making some of those difficult decisions.

For this assignment, read “Case Study – Danny,” In a 500-750 word essay, provide answers to the following questions related to the case study:

1. Summarize the key issue from the case study.

2. What are the ethical considerations? How could Ms. Rodriquez have better responded to Ms. Tang?

3. What are 2-3 possible alternative responses?

4. Out of the possible alternatives, which do you recommend and why?

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources, in addition to the textbook. Be sure to cite the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment we well.

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