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Our ideas and viewpoints are often influenced by statistics and how they are presented and modeled. From deciding which car to buy, to determining if there is a relationship between literacy rates and child mortality, statistics allow us to explore data in meaningful ways.

You have a meeting coming up and you need some information to support what you will be saying to your boss and the others in attendance. What can you do? You can find some supportive data and create a graph to make your point visually appealing.

In this Discussion, you will find data that is modeled and analyze the results and forecast possible ways the data might change.

Read the required reading from this week’s Learning Resources.

Look for examples in almanacs, newspapers , magazines, or on the Internet that could be modeled using linear, exponential, logarithmic, and quadratic functions.

After you review the different examples of how the data can be modeled in real life, choose one type of function to focus on.

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