Developing the Research Paper


Research Topic: Perception in relationships

Goal: The goal of this assignment is to create an annotated bibliography that includes scholarly sources in preparation for the course research paper. 

You will be turning in BOTH an outline and an annotated bibliography (see attached templates including both) of five scholarly sources (your textbook should be used a source but is not to be included in this initial bibliography).  Note: there are TWO parts to this assignment: the outline and the annotated bibliography.

Guidelines for annotated bibliography:

  • The annotated bibliography consists of two elements: 
    • Citation in current APA style format
    • A brief paragraph about the source
  • The annotation will follow the citation on the next line. There is not an extra space—double spacing is used throughout.
  • An annotation is different from an abstract. It should have several sentences summarizing the main points or ideas found in the item. It should then include your own statement evaluating the quality of the item and/or relating the item to your own research topic.
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  • Developing The Research Paper
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