Developement of New Drug


APA Format

6 Pages

Deadline: August 31, 2020

No Plagiarism Please. 

Create a brief case study of a client/patient who has a disease (your choice) and who needs medication.

You are a pharmaceutical researcher who has just developed a drug specifically for your client/patients’ disease.

In your paper:

Your paper will be 6 pages in length and accompany the short video described below.

1. Tell the name of the new drug and explain how you decided to select its name. There are different methods used in the pharmaceutical companies to name drugs as well as the many different marketing strategies for doctors as well as for consumers like you and me.

2. Explain the mechanism of the drug. Why will it work to address the syndrome it was designed to treat.

3. After you have explained the process you used to name your new drug, create a label for your drug that contains the required information.

4. Next, explain what it is used to treat, dosing information and a list of side effects a client/patient might commonly experiences.

5. Last, but not least, create a 30 second to one minute commercial in which you present this drug to consumers via television commercial.

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