Develop a Proposal for an EHR


You work for a large city hospital. In this hospital, there are:

  • two primary care outpatient clinics (pediatrics and adult)
  • four specialty clinics (orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, and ophthalmology)
  • 300 inpatient beds
  • an in-house laboratory
  • a radiology department
  • a pharmacy

The hospital medical record consists of paper charts. The hospital wants to implement an EHR, and it is your job to develop a proposal to present to the hospital board.

Your proposal should cover the following:

  1. Type of EHR (Turnkey or Best of Breed) and why, 1 page.
  2. Functions the EHR will have and why, 1 pages.
  3. Benefits that will be expected from implementation of this EHR proposal, 2 pages.

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