Design and develop a wine/food tasting event



Instructions: Instead of writing this in an essay format, your Final Course Project should be designed as a narrated PowerPoint video. It should be a minimum of 25 slides and include an event theme, decorations/tablescapes, foods, and wines. Use APA formatting, 6th edition, in a cover slide and reference slide. The theme can reflect a family, sporting, military honors, or holiday event. If you wish to develop the theme in another venue, then contact me through the message link for approval. The Wine/Food Pairing Interactive Link is shown below to help you in the development. You may add pictures or music to augment your voice in the recording. I highly recommend that you develop a script to go with the slides. It will make recording much easier. 

I want you to plan an "event" with food (5 foods), wine (10 wines), and a THEME. Choose TWO wines per food selection. You get to choose what price point you wish to feature. This should be driven by the type of event you wish to host. Each wine should be different, However, the wines should be from the same price point. Describe your theme, the venue, how would you decorate, what colors would you use in the table-scapes? The format should be a PowerPoint narrated video and saved into a MP4 format for uploading into Kaltura.

The different price levels are listed below:
* Value priced: $10.00-20.00 per bottle (Casual entertainment)
* Mid priced: $20.00-50.00 per bottle (mid level sophistication)
* High priced: $50.00 and up (formal entertaining) 

Assignment: Design and develop a wine/food tasting event to enhance the flavor profile of 10 wines and 5 foods.

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