Dead Poet's Society Movie


 ***Must Watch Film****

            & due in 8 hours (9pm EST)

Answer the following questions

1. Explain specifically the teaching style/s of the main character Mr. J. Keating (i.e. Robin Williams). Connect to the teaching pedagogies we have studied thus far. (i.e. Rousseau (stage theory-child centered, learning through play), Dewey (progressive, pragmatic, child-centered, democratic), Freire (critical inquiry, progressive, democratic), Kohn (discipline, Community of Inquiry), Sharp (Community of Inquiry)...etc). Which teaching style/s do you see reflected in the movie? Be specific, provide the time stamp of where you see an example of the pedagogical style. 

2. While the portrayal of the pedagogical styles of the teachers in the movie are dramatized, are there some styles you agree with and why? Are are some that you disagree with and why?

3. As a teacher which pedagogical style would you apply to your classroom and why. (It could be a combination of styles) Provide a brief rationale. 


Write a 1 and 1/2 pg (single spaced) analytical response that responds to the following questions. Reference sections of the video to back up your evaluation. Make sure that the response is written in an essay format, not Q and A. Do not number each para as an answer to the question and do not start your essay with I agree, I agree etc...

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