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 Each thread must be at least 500–700 words, include at least 2 citations  and the Bible, follow current APA format, and demonstrate  course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, the student is  required to reply to 2 classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least  200–300 words. 

What if you interviewed a focus  group? Would you choose conversation or interview guiding? Why or why  not? What if you were searching for study subjects? Are there any groups  you would be interested in studying that would claim you as an insider?  Scholarly and academic research should be included in DQ initial responses 


 n this chapter, the student will begin to think about methodology. Does  the student want a qualitative or quantitative paper? Exploratory or  explanatory study? While all of this information will be included in  Chapter 1 eventually, it is time to frame the study’s methodology. Using  the text, the student will outline how he/she will complete his/her  study and what methods will be used. There are no specific required  sections other than the introduction and summary. Other dissertations  must be researched so the student can find what he/she wants to do and  how to set it up. five (5) pages are acceptable in this class. 

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