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Assignment: Decision Making Under Uncertainty—Biotechnical Engineering

As you have examined this week, healthcare administration  leaders  are expected to exercise decision making under conditions of   uncertainty. Perhaps more so than any other business, healthcare   administration leaders face multiple challenges since ineffective   business practices might not result in poor performance with their   bottom lines and, if not, it might negatively impact patient safety.   Understanding how to appropriately exercise decision making under   conditions of uncertainty is a useful skill for effective healthcare   administration practice.

For this Assignment, review the resources for this week, and reflect   on how healthcare administration leaders must exercise decision making   under conditions of uncertainty. Consider how you might engage in   decision making under uncertainty, as you complete the Assignment and   the Case Study 6.4 on pages 275-276 of your course text.

The Assignment: (3–5 pages)

  • Complete Case Study 6.4 (Developing  a Helicopter Component for the Army) on pages 275-276 of your course text.
Note: You will need to use Excel and the textbook add-in, "Precision Tree."

Below is the link to get the PrecisionTree add-in from the  Decision  tools suite from Pallisade to complete the Week 3 Assignment.  Click the  link on the right of the page for the tools, then click the  book.   Once you get to the next page, you have to fill out information   located on the  right of the form to receive the download link. Please   note that this download site will only  work if you purchased a new  text  for this course. Additionally, you may need to  use a personal  email  address in order to receive the download successfully.

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