Data Collection Plan


Revise the data collection portion, also known as the Methods

Please place any corrections to existing and new sections in RED

Be sure to address each of the following:

Methods Outline how you would propose to collect and analyze data for your study. Make sure to address the following items:

Main Concepts to be studied (i.e., your main independent and dependent variables to be studied such as, substance abuse treatment and recidivism);

Conceptual and Operational Definitions for your primary study variables. For example, you might conceptualize recidivism as re-offending following completion of a substance abuse treatment program; and you might operationalize recidivism as any conviction for a crime occurring within one year of program completion;

Research Hypothesis/Question that the applied study would address/answer were it to be conducted;

Sampling Design or Strategy for your study. Explain how you would identify members of the population and how you would select the study sample, including the type of sampling you would use and the rationale for why it is the most appropriate;

Research Design. Would the data be quantitative, qualitative, or both? Explain. Would the study involve experimental design, quasi-experimental design, process evaluation design, outcome evaluation design, cross-sectional or longitudinal design, etc.? Explain the rationale for your selections;

Data Collection. How would you collect the data? Would you use quantitative surveys/questionnaires, qualitative interviews, participant observation, focus groups, and/or secondary data, for example? Discuss any data collection tools you would use, including examples of questions you might ask or data fields that you might collect. If proposing to use more than one form of data collection, explain why each form is necessary for your proposed study and how each would produce different data. Consider if you had to actually collect the data for the study, what would you need to do to schedule and coordinate the data collection? Be specific in your explanation;

Data Analysis Method Explain how you would prepare your data to analyze it, distinguishing quantitative from qualitative data preparation. Discuss how you would code and analyze the data that you propose to collect. What steps would you take to ensure that your data collection and data analyses were both consistent (reliable) and accurate (valid)? What analysis summary tools (charts, figures, tables, and/or graphs) would you use to quickly and effectively report your findings? Would you be theming the data, would you produce summary statistics such as means, medians and/or modes, etc.? Explain how your proposed analyses would accurately and reliably summarize the data collected. What charts, figures, or tables would you use to summarize your results? 

Explain your rationale;

Ethical Considerations. Discuss the ethical issues that would need to be addressed before conducting your proposed study. Such issues include but are not limited to honesty, confidentiality, carefulness, objectivity, and respect for intellectual property, openness, and human subject considerations. Describe how you would ensure the protection of any human subjects and confidentiality of data for your proposed study, including how you would ensure “informed consent” of all study participants;

Additional Issues or Questions Do you have any other issues or questions that need to be raised before the study could be started? For example, if you were to actually conduct the study, would you need to formally request access to the data or to the study subjects? If so, highlight these types of issues or questions in this section; and

What additional resources will you need? Are there any additional resources needed to collect the data you want? If conducting a survey online, how will you set-up the online survey, and how will you get people’s e-mail addresses to invite them to participate?

Do you have any other issues or questions that need to be raised before the study would be started? If so, highlight them and serve as the conclusion to the plan.

Include an introductory and concluding paragraph and demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

Use examples to support your discussion.

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