Cyber Assignment 3



This assignment consists of two questions (below) to test your knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. You are to pick ONE and answer it in 4-6- page essay. Grading will be based on the rubric. Make sure you follow AMU's writing policies and the Chicago writing style guide (cover page, page numbering, double space, headings/subheadings, etc). The use of required texts and readings from this course is mandatory, but you may supplement with additional academic (credible) sources. YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES AND INCLUDE A BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Essay Question #1: Select one of the studies presented in Case Studies I (Week 6 Lesson) or Case Studies II (Week 7 Lesson) or another case of your choosing with instructor approval. Write an analysis paper providing more details of the attack, to include the following:

a. Victim, attacker, and probable motivation for the attack.

b. Nature and sophistication of the attack.

c. What was the desired outcome of the attack?

d. How successful was it?

e. How effective were the attackers in covering their tracks?

f. How did the victim respond?


Essay Question #2: Discuss the future of cyber warfare. Include the following as part of your discussion:

a. How future wars will be fought.

b. How ethical is cyber warfare?

c. How the United States is preparing defensively to counter cyber-attacks?

d. What is next?

General Requirements

1. Document Format.

a. MS Word document

b. One-inch (1") margins

c. Times New Roman font

d. Twelve (12) pitch

e. Not including your title page, this assignment should be 4-6 pages.

f. You must use 5 scholarly sources in supporting this assignment.

2. Citation Format: The Chicago Manual of Style. As stated in the Academic Integrity Briefings, information taken directly from another source must be placed in quotations and cited following the Chicago format contained in the week one "lessons" folder. You must cite all other information from your sources, even if you do not quote directly. DIRECT QUOTING SHOULD BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM.

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