Cultural Analysis on Bhuddist monks


I am doing a research paper on the subculture Buddhist Monks. This is a descriptive research paper and it needs the following.

  1. Be 5 pages long not including the Intro and reference page. so 7 in total
  2. Need a powerpoint 8 slides long not including intro and please no reference page in the Powerpoint. 
  3. Talk about the history and the culture of Buddhist monks.  
  4. past conflicts and historical times where they were oppressed or were subjects of oppression.
  5. also modern times and how china is oppressing them and all who follow their ways. Also about how the Dalia Lama is banned from setting foot in china how they seek to control the religion by appointing their own Dalia Lama and other head religious figures ( these are the Tibet Buddhist monks that are specifically being targetted).

Below is an attachment that is a better guide on how to structure it.

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