Critical Thinking Paper #1: The promise of data-driven responses to public policy


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Program evaluation and policy analysis, when done well, holds promise for the improvement of better public policy and government programs that can lead to meaningful differences in government and the lives of citizens.  Increasingly, we hear policymakers and elected officials call for a focus on data-driven results.  Yet, many scholars note that the “positivism” movement, characterized by a belief in social science as a means for improving government and society, has failed to live up to this promise.

Drawing on the readings so far, and the class discussions, describe the challenges in collecting and analyzing data for purposes of problem definition and in helping advance sound policy and effective programs. In your discussion, critically analyze different ways in which data are collected and used by government or by nonprofits and academics to analyze the work of government.  Consider why data on outcomes of interest may not always be available, or how it may be subject to different interpretations. Also, draw on your understanding of the different types of data available to policy analysts. Describe these data and distinguish between different types.  Explain the limitations of these data in resolving problems that people look to the government to solve.

Use examples from the readings, but move beyond simply paraphrasing others’ examples. Offer an informed opinion as to whether you agree or disagree with the author’s position. Provide original examples from the public policy world that can illustrate ways to use data as well as challenges to its use.

Requirements: 2.5 pages, minimum, double-spaced, 12-pt. font, 1-inch margins and top and bottom           

Cite the assigned reading when necessary, as well as any additional source you choose to use, though it is not required to find additional sources.

APA, MLS, or other recognized citation style is acceptable. Please be consistent, however, and stick to one style.

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