Critical review of a photo exhibition (Fuji Mountain)


WRITE a ONE –TWO Page Critical Review of an Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 

Form a critical point-of-view reviewing an exhibition visited at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

DO NOT only describe show but also include information about why or why not you enjoyed the exhibition. You may use a comparison and/or an interview style or choose a specific theme for your article.

This assignment is created to strengthen how you write about visual art. Your review must have a personal point of view and critically engage the reader. Imagine your article appearing in a newspaper or arts magazine. Remember to review the exhibition similar to a film or restaurant review, including your own experience of how the art could be improved or altered for a more positive experience.

FOR IDEAS REVIEW: Border Crossings Magazine, Canadian Art Magazine, CV or Blackflash. (most are online)

INCLUDE EXHIBITION INFO: Exhibition TITLE, CURATOR and a short description of the exhibition

SOME IDEAS TO EXPLORE: DID YOU ENJOY THE EXHIBTION? Why or why not? Describe your positive or negative experience. What elements could be stronger about the show?

Was the artwork understandable? Was there an overall theme or narrative to the exhibition? Was it a group exhibition or solo? Did the theme of the exhibition hold the work together?

Was there text or other information available? Did the gallery staff, artist or curator offer their guidance or provide background info?

Does the title of the exhibition come through in the exhibition?

How could the exhibition be better executed?

Where there works, images, text or descriptions which could be added or edited to create a stronger exhibition? Duration/ Environment/ Selection…

Was the exhibition interactive? Was the exhibition aimed at all ages or a specific type of art viewer?

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