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Locating an Intercultural Issue/Moment in a News Story Paper   

For writing this paper, you need to follow ALL the instructions posted below:  

1) this paper should be written as a critical analysis of a PARTICULAR news story that you found in a newspaper, TV news report, or social news media (not just social media, but a social media platform that provides news story).  

2) in your paper, you need to first describe how the news story was reported, and then provide detailed and critical analysis of the news story. Your description of the news story should not be longer than 1 page. Your following critical analysis should be no less than 3 pages. Please note that by Critical Analysis, I mean you need to examine the ways an issue, event, or a particular group of people is described, covered, or represented in the news story. For example, some news stories are biased in a sense that they support racist, sexist, or homophobic representations of some people, groups, and communities. But we usually do not see those undertones or realize these mis-representations because news stories are often presented in ways that make them appear as objective reflections of important incidents or events that just happened. Your paper needs to catch these undertones, mis-representations, or coverage that either supports or negates certain political views embraced by a particular cultural group.    

3) Please be sure that it is a current and controversial news story, NOT something that happened 5-10 years ago, or a trivial news story that does not represent an important social/cultural issue.   

4) Please, as always, make a clear and strong connection between your critical analysis and the readings that have been assigned to you up to this point. You can quote the ideas or concepts covered in the book chapters, but no direct quotation(s). You need to paraphrase.   

5) Your paper needs to be at least 4 pages long, written in 12 fonts, double or single-spaced, and Times New Roman style. This 4-page minimum requirement excludes the last reference page. 

Yes, you need to include a reference page at the end. You can use any formatting style. But it needs to be in a formal academic format, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and etc. Again, this reference page is NOT part of the 4 page minimum for this paper assignment. 

6) Please submit your paper as a WORD file attachment, no later than October 18th, Sunday, 11:59pm.  You need to enter this platform and create a new thread, and then attach your WORD paper, click submit

7) Please proof-read your paper before submission. It is very important that you write in separate paragraphs, well-organized, and grammatically correct format.   

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