Week 2: Question for Discussion

Chapter 3 - The Intervention and Assessment Models
Chapter 4 - Tools of the Trade

Question(s): Case of Elizabeth.

Maria is a 48-year-old white female who is recently divorced. She is not doing well in her love life and comes to you to get some immediate help because she is depressed and thinking about suicide. She spends the first ten minutes weeping uncontrollably and has a hard time putting words together.  Of the nine intentional strategies depicted in your book, which ones are the most important ones in this situation (mention 3 in the order of priorities) and why (explain and justify your answer)?  


The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the book, no just your opinion

If there are 2 questions in the discussion, you must answer both of them. 

First question: Mention the adequate strategy for this case scenario (50%). Second part of this question:  explain / justify your answer (50%). 

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