APA format, list references and in-text citations

Within each paragragh if you use quotation marks, please cite it.

You can list the references for each question under that question if you want to.

1. Explain “Broken Window Theory” and give examples from your professional or personal life where you have seen examples of these areas being conducive to crime.  400 words

2. What is the “school to prison pipeline” and how can this trend be reversed? 300 words

3. Strain Theory according to your text is the pressure to achieve socially determined goals. Do you think the “American Dream” is possible for everyone? Why or why not? 400 words

4. Analyze ‘relative deprivation’ and its connection to criminal activities. 350 words

5. What are the techniques of neutralization? Give examples of how a juvenile may apply these techniques when apprehended. 350 words

6. According to the FBI, there are now more than 33,000 violent street gangs in the United States. Using scholarly research, identify possible social and political reasons for the growth of these subcultures. 350 words

7. What are the policy implications of Social Structure Theory? 300 words

8. Do you believe that poverty and social injustice are caused by crime or does crime cause poverty and social injustice? Defend your answer with examples. 400 words

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