Criminal Justice Research Paper


Final Research Paper must be at least ten (10) pages in length in addition to a Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, and Reference Page. The Final Research Paper must include at least twenty (20) or more References/sources. 

The Final Research Paper must be developed using the listed topic.

Final Research Paper: Reentry and Community Corrections – Much effort is placed by the individual states in devoting resources and personnel to develop rehabilitation programs and assist parolees in developing a new life, as well as monitoring behavior to manage the parolee and protect the public from those who reoffend. Many excellent examples exist that have demonstrated creative methods of making the successful transition and reintegration of the inmate possible ( Review the current and past programs selecting a single program to analyze. Develop a research paper on the three (3) positive and three (3) negative aspects of the program along with any viable recommendations for change.

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