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For week 1, read the case of Illinois v. Caballes, 543 U.S. 405 (2005) that appears in your book on page 81 in Chapter 2.  Using your “How to Brief A Case” folder, using the traditional method [Mullane] that is found on page 3 of the folder, brief the Caballes case.  Also, add two sections to your brief, 1) a summary of the dissenting opinions, and 2) Your opinion of the case with an explanation. 

Include these sections in your case brief as headings:

  1. State who the parties are:
  2. State the issues:
  3. Arguments of the Plaintiff or Prosecution/Arguments of the Defendant
  4. State Holding of the Court
  5. State Rationale of the Court
  6. Dissenting Opinions Summary
  7. Your Opinion of the Case with an Explanation (there are no right or wrong opinions; state your opinion of the Court’s holding and explain.
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