criminal cases and due process


prepare a written analysis 7-9 pages long, of the impact of the 4th, 5th and 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in processing offenders through the criminal justice system.  Explain the concept of due process as applied to the U.S. constitution.

1)  what due process rights are contained in the U.S. constitution? Give examples

2)  what is procedural due process and why does it exist?

3)  do you think any of these rights should be revoked at any time?  which ones?

4)  why did you make those choices?

5)  to what extent does procedural due process hinder or strengthen the criminal justice system?

standard APA format.

new times roman 12 pt. 

paper due 09/15/2017  the due date above of 11/09/2017 is wrong.

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