Creating a Strategy



Assignment Details 250-300 words

Share your problem statement/issue and the reason why you believe this is a current issue needing attention and further research.

Creating a Strategy

Address the following:

The purpose of the project: Here you will include the issue or need you chose in the Unit 1 IP and explain the current situation related to this issue or need. 

The list of parts or questions that must be answered in the project: What specifically are you looking for? What questions related to this issue do you want 

A clearly identified hypothesis

Unit 1

  • Choose 1 health-care-related topical area or function of interest (e.g., quality improvement, health care systems of care), and combine this with 1 of the areas of prospective practice (e.g., community-based, not-for-profit, acute-care hospital, for-profit urban hospital, public health facility).
  • Summarize the problems that the research articles are addressing. Identify whether the research is qualitative or quantitative or a mixed methodology.
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