Create an effective theory of leadership.


· Analyzes the purpose for leadership interviews, including a thorough rationale. Provide an explanation of the aspect of leadership on which you plan to focus and why you chose it.

· Describes the level of leadership selected for interviews and its relationship to an aspect of leadership.

  • Outline your schedule for both interview sessions; include the names and titles of the leaders with date and time of interview. If you have not able to interview someone simulated names and tiles can be use.

· At the start of each interview explain what leadership mastery you will be exploring in the interview, and how you will use the interview material. (see attachment)

·  Clarify with your interviewees whether you have permission to use their names and organizations.

· Prepare relevant interview questions you plan to use for your chosen aspect of leadership. Using leadership theories from Cashman, K you should consider the create similar questions see (attachment) 

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