CPS400 class 2-3 pages.



After contemplating the readings and discussions from this week, please take no more than 2-3 pages and address the following topic in a response paper:

“How can I plan for sustainable work-life balance in my life and prioritize what really matters?”

Questions to help guide your writing: How do I spend my time--is it doing the things I value? How do I know what really matters? Do the things I do  everyday bring me joy? Do the things I do each day provide a genuine service (does anyone need me to do them)? Are there things I am doing that I do not enjoy that would go away if I was "downwardly mobile?" 

Although this written assignment is an informal response paper it is still important to remember to keep your paper and thoughts organized.  Try starting with an introduction and main point (thesis statement), followed by the body of the paper which should include support paragraphs and wrap of the paper with a conclusion.  

Please submit your assignment by Sunday at 11:59pm.

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