1. As part of your FP group assignment, each group member is required to conduct one stakeholder interview. For this week's individual assignment, you will submit a summary of your stakeholder interview. Note that this is an individual assignment and is different from the FP group assignment where you are only required to submit as a group the categories of the stakeholders and questions.  
    Your summary will represent a synthesis of the answers that your interviewee provides in the context of your issue of interest. Please include the following in your submission.
    1. Your group’s most updated problem statement-
    2. 5 STAKE HOLDERS- Category of stakeholder (no names; these interviews are anonymous)
    3. List of questions 
    4. A synthesis of responses and how they relate to the issue of interest. Make sure not to use a question and answer format. That does not count as a synthesis/summary.  Synthesis part is 350-500 words long. 
    5. No references are required for this assignment.
    6. This assignment is due on Thursday, November 12.
      Suggested interview introduction: Hello, my name is ____________ and I am a student at the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. As part of a course requirement, we need to conduct a brief interview seeking your opinion about  MOST EFFECTIVE COVID TESTING AND WHY. All interviews are anonymous. I will only take a few notes to make sure I accurately represent your opinion.
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