Course Reflection



Assignment Guidelines for the Course Reflection 

For this assignment, you will examine your work in the course and develop a reflective essay that illustrates your understanding of ENG 111's major concepts and purpose. Your reflection should discuss specific examples from your assignments in the class and should illustrate the overall significance of audience and purpose and their relationship to each other. 

Use the following:  Course Reflection Assignment Sheet Click for more options

Consider the following questions as you craft your essay:

  1. How do context, audience, and purpose influence the decisions we make as writers? 
  2. Give examples of decisions you have made based on the rhetorical situation.
  3. How can understanding the rhetorical situation make you a more effective writer?
  4. In what ways will understanding rhetorical situation help you in the future? 
  5. What (if anything) hindered your understanding of our course concepts this semester?
  6. In terms of content, pace, and design, do you find this course challenging yet feasible? Explain.  

Assignment Requirements

500-word (minimum) essay 

Formatting Requirements

MLA format


See "Readings" in Module

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