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General information

The purpose of this report/research is to emphasize the importance of medical terminology in modern health care professions and biomedical sciences, both in practice and education. It entails clinical part and non-clinical part as well as the career fields that connect the two segments.

Students must work individually and submit BOTH a written report and a narrated presentation.

The written report must be submitted in document (.docx, .doc, .pdf) format and all presentations must be submitted in video format. All presentations must be narrated to demonstrate your ability to verbalize medical terminology correctly.

Suggestions for topic

  1. Professional profile: You could describe a health care profession that uses medical terminology extensively. For example, medical transcriptionist, certified coding specialist (CCS), registered health information technician (RHIT), registered health information administrator (RHIA), doctor of medicine (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), physician assistant (PA), and certified medical assistant (CMA). The report should include both general and specific medical terminology in the profession. Your current textbook should have the lists of useful websites for this assignment.
  2. Medicine in the news: You could select a medical issue that has been covered in the news media recently. Some examples might include mental health treatment, zika virus, gut bacteria, Ebola, e-cigarettes, or medical marijuana. You must summarize the background of the issue; its current public focus, including any debatable issues; and provide a proposal for guidance to public health professionals. In other words, you will summarize the past, present and future of this issue. The report should include both general terminology and terminology specific to this issue.
  3. Disease State: You could describe a specific disease in terms of a definition, description of symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and resources. Your report should contain extensive medical terminology specific to this disease. Your current textbook should have the lists of useful websites for this assignment.

Submission and Grading Criteria

  • Your project will be evaluated for its emphasis on the significance of medical terminology.
  • You are required to write a 2000 word (~ 5 pages) formal written report and create a presentation that summarizes your report for the rest of the class. The presentation must be narrated or accompanied by a script to expand on any bullet points
  • You may use either MLA or APA style for this project, but both the paper and presentation must employ the same style.
  • Plagiarism (presenting someone else's work without a citation) will result in an "F" for the course
  • The written paper and presentation are worth 200 points towards your final grade. Please review the project rubric in the Syllabus for details on the grading criteria.
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