Course name: Information security and risk management


We are concentrating our readings in Chapter 8 of our text book this week. Please answer the following questions:

1. Why is a threat assessment so important to an organization?

2. What are some key steps an assessor should take before performing a vulnerability assessment? In other words, what should be reviewed first, and why.

3. Explain your understanding of a continuous monitoring program; why it should be implemented; and how would it help the overall risk management program.

4. Explain why a penetration assessment is valuable. What benefits can be derived from performing these assessments periodically? Why?

Please make sure you include sources your reviewed for this assignment.

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  • Be sure to read and / or listen to the Project Overview BEFORE doing the assignment.

    Using your reading in Chapter 4 as a guide and the threats that were listed in the Project Overview, write …

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    1. Discuss the critical components of a risk assessment, and why they are so important to include in the planning and execution.

    2. Our text book discusses the probability scale (see p. 121) …

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    Describe a business situation and identify five business critical functions. -250 to 350 words