corporate finance


1. Write a four (4) page paper, based on the following scenario:  You are the breadwinner, and head of the household with a spouse, and two children. Prepare a budget for your household which would have existed January 2020 (pre-covid-19). Now it's March 2020 (COVID-19), no one in your household is infected and it's the day before the imposition of the seven (7) day curfew in Grenada. Explain what changes have occurred on your budget since January 2020 to present and what changes need to be made to the budget going forward for the next two (2) months. Assume you and your spouse are employed and have the opportunity to work from home for the respective employers.  Be sure to include the two budgets (pre and post) in the Appendices of your paper    

2.Create a timeline (diagram) of the last ten years of financial events (at least 5 events per year).  Then discuss these events in a separate, bulleted format report. At the end of the report be sure to include your references.  Be sure to create an attractive timeline that stretches across several 8.5"x11" sheets in landscape format 

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