Conservationist Versus Agriculturalist



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  1. Resources: Tox Town Agriculture and Ch. 2 & 4 of The Human Impact on the Natural Environment.

    Review the Tox Town Agriculture materials located on the student website to learn more about the environmental concerns associated with farming.

    Identify a farm or common type of agriculture in or near your community. Suppose a conservationist has complained about the methods used on this farm.

    Write a 350-word letter from the conservationist's point of view in which you include the following:
    • Identify six negative effects the farm has on the environment.
    • Explain how the farm is altering the physical environment, including vegetation and soil quality.
    • Write a 350-word plan, acting as a farmer that owns the farm.
    • Use The Human Impact on the Natural Environment text to identify methodologies that may alleviate the conservationist's concerns.
    • Explain the process of implementing the new methodologies, including cost-related issues.
    • Format the letter and plan consistent with APA guidelines.

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