Conflict Analysis and Resolution


For this forum, access Once on the Internet site:

1. Click on Peace Programs (Top Bar)
2. Click on Conflict Resolution Programs (Top Bar)
3. On the right bar, under Conflict Resolution Program Links, click on Activities by Countries

Within this site, there are 11 country or region case studies in which the Carter Center has served as a mediator. Selecting one country, provide a brief overview of the conflict resolution situation. 


Najafbagy, Reza. 2008. "Problems of Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution."

Bercovitch, Jacob, and Leah Simpson. 2010. "International Mediation and the Question of Failed Peace Agreements: Improving Conflict Management and Implementation." Peace & Change 35, no. 1: 68-103. International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center,

Negotiating in Business, Politics and Peace featuring former Sen. George Mitchell - Institute for Peace & Justice

Liebel, Steven R., and Andrew J. Enterline. 2014. "Negotiation, Mediation and Insurgent Victory in Counter-insurgency Wars Fought by Foreign Powers."

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