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Discussion Board 2 - Communication Issues

Initial Post: After reading about Communication and Conflict in the Reading & Resources folder, answer the following in your discussion.

#1 Recall a situation in which you experienced Conflict. Provide a brief description of the situation and define the Type of Conflict you experienced.

#2 In the communication process during this situation of conflict, identify the Ineffective Communication behaviors that occurred and explain why they were ineffective in resolving the conflict.

#3 In this situation, how could you have been more assertive in dealing with the conflict? Include information from the video and link on Assertiveness.

Replies: Respond to two (2) classmates displaying active listening (or in this case reading) and empathy from the Phases of Cooperation.

Initial Posts: 1 initial post, 250-500 words, at least one academic reference, due Thursdays by 2359 ET
Replies: 2 replies, 100-250 words each, due Sundays by 2359 ET

Cite all source(s) used in the text as well as in a reference section using APA format.

Sources should be credible and published within 5 years. Do not use a wiki, blog, or source that is not backed by a valid organization.

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