Compliance Plans



The first step of your assignment this module is to choose two compliance plans from the list of compliance violation areas below.

Clinical staff members are not washing their hands between patients.

Employee attacks patients while under the influences of narcotics.

Nurse charges for Diabetes Management Education as a Physician Visit.

Medical staff members are not aware that the application of an initial cast for a broken limb should be included in the cost of the visit. Instead, they are charging extra for the application of this initial cast.

Employees are not knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishers.

Many employees are not able to fulfill the requirement to discuss the facilities Mission Statement and Vision Statement.

After you choose two areas (only two!), write a paragraph about each one to present to your faculty member. In each paragraph, explain why you believe the chosen area represents key issues in compliance and why you want to develop a compliance plan for this area.

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