Compilation of papers


3 papers to be combined and edited

Please see doc. - Things to be fixed - this details what corrections need to be made

Original Prompt / Rubric attached for reminder of overall project

Papers should be in the following order:

1st:   History of Healthcare information management

2nd:  Health regulations and law ramification

3rd:   Technology Systems Recommendations in Healthcare

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    Health Regulations

    Submit an analysis of how the company in the case study is noncompliant and the strategies (general, not specifics) to move

    it toward compliance

    1 - 2 pages

  • Submit your recommendations for technology for the institution and how it will be implemented.

    Rubric Attached - Following Section 3 - Technology System Recommendations

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    Final Project Rubric

    Guidelines for Submission: Your health information technology recommendations should be 6–8 pages, typed, in 12-point Times New Roman font.

    Specific Details in attached rubric