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  • Further off the Straight & Narrow: New Gay Visibility on Television, 1998-2006
  •  link: (This is a 12 minutes clip of a longer documentary. )

WATCH "Indians on TV" from Master of None

1. Some of the scholars who talk about the US sitcom Will & Grace from the 1990s argue that the show is queer not only because two main characters are gay (Will and Jack), but because of other queer themes in the show, including its representations of sexuality and familial ties that don't conform to traditional heterosexual norms.

a. true

b. false

2. About which two movies is Dev Shah upset that they used "brownface," or making up white actors to look they are Indian?

a. Ghandhi and Slumdog Millionaire

b. Short Circuit 2 and The Social Network

c. Lion and Aloha

d. Crazy Rich Asians and Black Panther

3. Drawing on our course readings and lecture, (class powerpoint is below) provide the definition of the term "hegemony." What do each of these programs - Further Off the Straight and Narrow and "Indians on TV" from Master of None - have to say about hegemonic representations of identity on television, and what is a form of resistance or change each also points to?

Your answer should be in full sentences, and no more than 250 words. If you use exact words from any source, whether it's the textbook or the videos, you must put them in quotation marks and identify the source in some way. Even when you paraphrase, make it clear to the reader where your ideas are coming from. e.g. According to our textbook, hegemony is...

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