College Behind Bars


Watch and write a 350-word essay 

  1. What is this film about?
  2. How is the Bard Prison Initiative a response to the structural racism and classism we've learned about so far in class?
  3. How does this film relate to AND DIFFER FROM other films/articles/issues we've been discussing? 
  4.  How do you feel about learning the information presented in the film?

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  • Budget: $4
  • Watch and write a reaction paper.

    Reaction papersshould be developed thoroughly and:

    • MUST BE a MINIMUM of 350 WORDS
    • MUST BE in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered questions)

  • WatchI am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin and Race in America)

    and write a 350-word essay that responds to these questions Be sure to check the rubric before you submit to make sure you …